Welcome. Glad you found us. Our quality, safe and effective yoga training programs are internationally certified through KRI (Kundalini Research Institute). We love what we do and invite you to join us for a life-changing experience. We have been blessed to teach and train human beings of all ages and backgrounds since 1972.

L2 Teacher Training  -  Spiritual Warrior (bonus week)

In the Spiritual Warrior bonus week, June 12-17, 2018, we strengthen the understanding of our purpose by preparing for our death.  This final week recognizes the mission of a true kundalini yoga teacher. It is a celebration of life as we die to the illusion of this world. We start anew. We also embrace the concept of Khalsa, or pure ones. To live in the truth of our true self, experiencing joy in service to others. Remember, every ending is also a beginning. This is a special opportunity to take a conscious step closer to prepare for your own death. Learn to give and live. 

L2 june'16-dinner.jpeg

Chimana Sanctuary

in the beautiful Bergstrasse is our studio where we offer a personal retreat space, classes, private sessions, healing work, dance events, meditation, Japa, and more.  All photos are of the studio, the garden and walks in nature directly from the studio.  Click here for details.