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6. April - Trust Workshop

Dieser besondere Workshop wird Dir neue und ungeahnte Möglichkeiten eröffnen. Erfahre was es heißt zu vertrauen. Du wirst an diesem Tag kraftvolle Kriyas und Meditationen, interaktive Übungen und Inspirationen erleben.

Location: AMAHADY Lifestyle Center, Ackerstr. 7 55758 Veitsrodt.

Contact: Marion Metzmacher (Meher Kaur)

early bird discount until March 1, 2019 = 85, - € - regular: 95, - €

Time: 10.00 - 17.00 Tea & snack included

Note: limited number of participants

More information and to register:

Dissolving blocks - a four evening series plus two personal interviews

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  • Expand life

  • Heal self

  • Increase trust

  • Receive abundance

  • Open heart center 

A Kundalini Yoga course using powerful and effective kriyas.  Complete course is four evenings from March to May.

In this course you will learn to get out of your own way and to let your natural beauty shine through. Beauty never fades, it covered with judgement. Courage never leaves, it is stopped by fear. Intuition is never weak, we stop trusting our own soul. Power is not depleted, it gets wasted by anger and frustration. Through the gift of these special rebirthing kriyas from Yogi Bhajan, with powerful gong, one can lift the veils and be whole again.

In addition to the class work together, each student will practice the kriya at home once each week. This is a minimum requirement to get the full benefit.  Each class will include a detailed explanation of the kriya and the science behind the kriya.

Included in the training are two personal interviews (200€ value) with Gurumarka. These help to clearly define the ideal outcome for your life and to manage the challenges that will naturally happen. Discussions may be in person, email, phone, or video call. 

2019  Fridays 19.00 - 21.30

  • class 1  -  March 1

  • class 2  -  March 29

  • class 3  -  April 26 

  • class 4  -  May 17

Course fee is 350€. Limit 14 students. Couple discount available. Low income discount available.

Location: Chimana Sanctuary

To register:

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Workshops in beautiful nature. 19-24 March 2019

Yogastudio de Weerribben, Netherlands

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  • Thursday 21 March - introductory evening with time for questions

  • Friday 22 March - master your mind 

    - In the Kundalini Yoga we learn how the mind controls the body. To master your mind means you have greater control over your environment, how you move in the world, and how to best enjoy your time on earth.  During the day you will learn and experience techniques to clear your thoughts, how to become more aware, reducing stress to relax, and opening to greater possibilities. 

  • Saturday 23 March - boost your intuition

    - Our intuition is the direct link to the unlimited potential of our soul. Intuition is also called the neutral mind or meditative mind. This workshop will feature special meditations to expand your intuitive abilities. These include greater trust of yourself, making better decisions, and the courage to face life’s challenges. 

  • Sunday 24 March - supercharge your immune system

    - Doesn’t everyone want be healthy? The immune system is the connecting point for five of your body systems. It is the link to better health. You will learn which foods, exercises, meditation, and activities best increase the power of you immune system. Can you imagine a life without colds, flu or serious disease? 

  • 19 & 20 March - Healing sessions with Gurumarka

Information & Registration:

NOTE: Each workshop is unique and include meditations, kriyas, and other processes based on the science of kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. All interested students are welcome including beginners. 

Gurumarka will lead the participants through each days process guided by more than 40 years of study, practice, and teaching kundalini yoga. 

Warning: These workshops are dangerous to anyone who does not want to improve their life. 

   Ask us if you would like to organize a yoga event in your area. 

Moonlight hike in nature - check back for 2019 date.

Learn how to safely walk in the dark. The evening will begin at the Chimana Sanctuary in Heppenheim with a short meditation and instruction (English & German) on how to walk in the dark. Then we will drive 5 minutes to the starting point of our hike. Meditative hike about 2-3 hours through open areas and tall trees. We will experience the night time walking without the use of flashlights or torch. We return to the Chimana Sanctuary to end the evening. It is possible to stay overnight in the Sanctuary for a small fee. There are other places to stay in the neighborhood, if interested just ask.

I learned this technique more than 25 years ago when living in Sante Fe, New Mexico at an elevation over 2500 meters. We hiked to the tops of mountains, to the bottom of canyons and along wide mesas. This is a great technique to expand yourself and have some fun.“  Gurumarka

Contact -

* Please; no pets, no flashlights/torches, no young children.

* Do bring: a small water bottle, gloves, hat, scarf, optional snack.

* Everyone welcome. Must be healthy enough to walk in the woods.

More Joy Please!   -  workshop photos from 14 February 2016

a day of wonder & transformation

Photos from Frankfurt Yoga day 2014