Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 - 2020

3HO/IKYTA Internationally Certified • Now three locations.



Havelte, Netherlands Begin 14. February

Contact: Gurupreet Kaur

Website: divinehuman.eu


Grube Louise, Germany Begin 6. March

Contact: Shanti Kaur

Website: peacewithin.eu

"The most important thing in Kundalini Yoga is experience."

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The foundation of our international training program is experience. The student is presented with the situations to face, opportunities to serve, challenges to overcome and more.  Within this frame, the basic techniques of a successful kundalini yoga teacher are taught. The course is a progression from individual consciousness to universal consciousness.  To reach this goal, we learn to live for each other. To work together, to breathe as one, to raise our voices and hearts in unity. This is the foundation of love. 

    The course includes all the basic tools needed to deepen your understanding of kundalini yoga and to be a successful teacher. In the middle of the training year is the full week experience. It gives the student a unique chance to dive deep into the process of healing, growing, elevating and aligning life with your destiny. 

    Each student will teach during the course with uplifting, honest and healing feedback. In addition, every student will have at least two personal interviews during the training year. These individual sessions offer a level of support to guarantee a successful outcome. 

    The trainers, assistants and other support members of the team are qualified, certified and active kundalini yoga teachers. We love what we do and recognize the blessings to be of service in guiding new students in the yoga of awareness. Offering teacher training since 1992.