The most important thing in Kundalini Yoga is 'Experience', because it goes right into your heart. These programs allow the student to immerse themselves through practice, group experiences, small group work, and learning the skills needed to be a powerful teacher in the Aquarian Age. Each program has been taught for more than ten years. During that time we have revised, evolved, learned and improved the trainings to provide the very best experience for all students. The needs of each student is gently and lovingly guided by our great professional teams. Each member of our team is a dedicated practicing yogi who understands the challenge of being a spiritual person and yoga teacher with the demands of the world we live in. We are grateful to all the students who have joined in our trainings for more than 20 years. We look forward to continuing to serve all who come. These courses are based on the science of kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. 

in light and truth, Gurumarka and the Divine Human team

Level 1 •  "The most important thing in Kundalini Yoga is experience."

The foundation of our international training program is experience. The student is presented with the situations to face, opportunities to serve, challenges to overcome and more.  Within this frame, the basic techniques of a successful kundalini yoga teacher are taught. The course is a progression from individual consciousness to universal consciousness.  To reach this goal, we learn to live for each other. To work together, to breathe as one, to raise our voices and hearts in unity. This is the foundation of love. 

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    The course includes all the basic tools needed to deepen your understanding of kundalini yoga and to be a successful teacher. In the middle of the training year is the full week experience. It gives the student a unique chance to dive deep into the process of healing, growing, elevating and aligning life with your destiny. 

    Each student will teach during the course with uplifting, honest and healing feedback. In addition, every student will have at least two personal interviews during the training year. These individual sessions offer a level of support to guarantee a successful outcome. 

    The trainers, assistants and other support members of the team are qualified, certified and active kundalini yoga teachers. We love what we do and recognize the blessings to be of service in guiding new students in the yoga of awareness. 

    The seminar house we meet in holds a special energy to support our work. The abundant nature, singing birds and occasional deer are wonderful reminders of the abundance and beauty in our lives. The professional team includes a great cook who makes every meal into royal experience. Programs are currently offered in Germany and the Netherlands. Offering teacher training since 1992. 

  2019 Aquarian Teacher Training Dates for Germany

07. - 09. March

11. - 13. April

16. - 18. May

29. June - 06. July

12. - 14. September

17. - 19. October

28. - 30. November

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Level 1 Contact: 

Germany:  Shanti Kaur   0162 890 3092  (mobile ) • 0421 704 670 (private)

Netherlands: Amrit Dev Kaur   +31655780723 (mobile)

L2 bonus week April 2013

L2 bonus week April 2013

Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training  - Celebrating 15 years.

Our Level 2 program beautifully explores the facets of your true self. You will realize your full potential as a teacher, person and spiritual being. All your relationships will improve, your teaching ability enhanced, and your connection to source strengthen. 

Five modules each one week long, provide the frame to align more closely with your destiny. Each weeks theme guarantees you an extraordinary adventure in self-discovery. With the full week format, the group is able to make many profound experiences through powerful kriyas and meditations, challenging and fun interactive exercises, and many special exercises for personal insight.  A special 5-day session follows the two years of effort to integrate your work. 

Our fantastic team of teachers bring a special quality for the selected topic. This training is proven to change the very fabric of our interplay in this world by creating bridges with the infinite. This program has both a fixed frame, and organic processes that vary with each group. The team welcomes the challenges that accompany each new group of students. At the completion of this course, you can radiantly stand in front of any group as a Level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher. 

Level 2 Teacher Training Dates 2016 - 2019

#1  NL - August 29 - September 5, 2014      Vitality & Stress

#2 NL - February 22 - March 1, 2015            Conscious Communication

#3  D -  July  10 - 17 2015                               Authentic Relationships

#4    January 2016                                         Mind & Meditation

#5   June 2016                                               Lifecycles & Lifestyles

#6  Bonus session November 2016             The Peaceful Warrior

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Level 2  English

Level 2 German

Level 2 Contact:

Guru Preet Kaur    +31 62 4272 169 (mobile)

Radiant Child - 2018 - NEW!

Germany / Netherlands            Download Brochure:   •  English    •  German

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Playful, creative, expressive, and challenging make up the foundation for this wonderful course in learning to teach yoga to children of all ages. Experiencing your childlike innocence, wonder and curiosity are key points in healing your inner child. This connection to your inner (radiant) child, gives you the skill, patience, understanding, trust and joy to effectively teach children. When children learn yoga, it becomes a part of them for the whole life.

Dates 2018

#1 -  Aug. 30  -  Sept. 2

#2 -  October 25 - 28

Both training dates are required to complete the Radiant Child Teacher Training. Each 4 day block begins at 13.00 on Thursday and ends at 12.00 on Sunday.


Grube Louise - Bergstr. 1-5 56593 Grube Louise, Germany

Seminar house is located between Frankfurt and Bonn next to Horhausen.


Course fee 840€  (790€ if paid in full by 1 July 2018)*

Payment options available.  Just ask.

Shared room/food  245€  (per 4 day training block) 

All training material in digital form included free in course fee. A partial German translation is also given free.  

A printed version of the manual is 30€. (English only)


A 350€ non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a space in the training. Note: Limited to 12 students. 


RC - Gurumarka Khalsa

IBAN:  DE97672700240126141126



Amar Dharam Kaur

+49 171 99 458 69


Gurumarka Khalsa

+49 160 90 333 700