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Aries • Lung Meridian • time to let go

The next full moon on Sunday October 13 in Aries the ram governs the lung energy circuit. Feelings of sorrow, grief, and sadness are common. You may feel a pressure to make up for lost time. This also brings the opportunity to let go of old limiting beliefs and pain.

The lung meridian also rules the skin and hair on the body. (except the head)

Breath connects inner and outer worlds, therefore it is the first step in becoming conscious.


Imbalance or blockage symptoms:

  • Low energy

  • Tightness in diaphragm or middle back

  • Mental confusion

  • Dry skin

  • Coughing

  • Weak immune system

  • Nose congestion or sinusitis

  • Snoring


  • Hold and massage the ring finger of each hand for 2 minutes. Repeat during the day. This energizes and balances the lung meridian and neutralizes sorrow.

  • Place rose quartz over your heart center to protect against sadness.

  • Keep skin and lungs moist.

  • Walking, biking, dancing or any aerobic exercise that gets you sweating.

  • Play or listen to the gong or singing bowls to stimulate lung meridian.

  • Repeat this affirmation often. “I am __________” (fill in the blank). It can be ‘I am beautiful.’ ‘I am loved.’ ‘I am grateful.’ You decide and vary the ending as much as you like as long as it is a positive statement.

Things to eat:

  • All white food, especially cauliflower.

  • Garlic, ginger and raw onions clean the blood and strengthen your nerves and immune system.

  • Chlorophyll and fresh ground psyllium seeds, (1 tablespoon each with juice) before breakfast and dinner.

  • Dark green vegetables (contains lots of chlorophyll)

Kundalini yoga:

  • All breathing practices (pranayama) to control the prana in the organs.

  • Breath of fire most effective.

  • Yoga Mudra in any yoga posture.

  • Standing twist. Inhale, twist left with left arm stretched out and back, right hand comes onto heart center. Then exhale twisting right with left hand on heart. Keep hips facing forward.

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