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Aquarius - visualize a new life

The next full moon on Thursday August 15 activates the gallbladder meridian. Our tolerance may be challenged. Look for opportunities to expand patience and acceptance. 

When the prana is stuck in the gallbladder meridian, one can have difficulties making decisions. This can lead to emotional frustration.

The gallbladder works closely with the liver taking plans and bringing them to reality. This is an excellent time to visualize the ideal life situation, partner, workplace, travel or whatever.


Imbalance or blockage symptoms:

  • Headache on one side

  • Hip & lower back pain

  • Nausea & indigestion

  • Pain in shoulder blade

  • Outside leg pain, sciatic


  • Visualize color green

  • Lose extra weight

  • All physical activity is good especially if it causes you to sweat

Things to eat:

  • Green & sour foods

  • Homemade yogurt

  • Drink warm lemon water

  • Spelt with vegetables

  • Sprouts

  • Corn silk tea

Foods to avoid:

  • Sweets - they weaken the will

  • Heavy, fatty or oily meals

Kundalini yoga:

  • All postures to strengthen the navel point/3rd chakra.

  • Sat Kriya

  • Stretch pose 1-5 minutes with breath of fire

  • All pranayama/breathing exercises

  • Meditation 1: Easy Pose, left hand on heart center, right hand rests on right knee in gyan mudra. Focus on third eye. Four part breath. Inhale through nose, exhale through nose. Inhale mouth, exhale mouth. Inhale nose, exhale mouth. Inhale mouth, exhale nose. Continue 11 minutes.

  • Meditation 2: Easy pose, left hand on heart center, right resting on right knee in gyan mudra, focus on third eye. Long deep breathe through a rounded mouth and whistle on both the inhale and exhale. 11 minutes or more.

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