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January 2, 2018 - Cancer sweetness of life

The next full moon on Tuesday January 2 is in Cancer which governs the spleen-pancreas meridian. The spleen is central in the production of blood and extraction of prana. It sends the essence to the lungs and heart plus distributes nutrients through the blood to every cell. The spleen is in charge of being centered. To feel well with who we are and where we are on this planet. 

The spleen is known as the Mother Organ of the physical body and relates to the earth element. The sweetness of life is needed to feel nourished, grounded and balanced in life. Follow these suggestions to increase the experience of a sweet life.

At the full moon you are naturally accelerated, and you are naturally brought down during a new moon. Your biofeedback moves from full moon to new moon, and from new moon to full moon. That's natural. But on the eleventh day of the moon, you just live on water and melon, your health will be perfect.   Yogi Bhajan, August 1, 1996

Imbalance or blockage symptoms:

  • general muscle tightness
  • digestion problems& stomach pain
  • worry, depression or fatigue
  • craving for news and reading
  • thinking all the time
  • compulsive behavior
  • cold hands
  • distracted, not finishing things

 Things to eat: 

All yellow/orange fruits and vegetables. To promote the feeling of nurturing oneself, eat naturally sweet foods. Ripe bananas would be an excellent food for balancing this meridian.

Things to avoid/reduce: 

  • Living in the past
  • To much work/stress
  • Standing while you work
  • Thinking too much
  • Raw foods, fruit juices, milk products
  • Honey
  • Chocolate - sorry :-(


  • Hold and massage the small finger of each hand for 2 minutes. This can be done many times throughout the day.
  • Ishnaan, with special emphasis on the stomach area. 

Yoga for Spleen & Pancreas: 

  • Horse stand: Stand with feet firmly on the ground, knees slightly bent, hands loosely on the thighs, body relaxed. Close the eyes, visualize and feel the energy flowing from the deep within the earth upwards through the souls of your feet and continuing up.
  • All breathing exercises.
  • Locust Pose:  Lie on your stomach with your chin on the ground. Make fists and place them underneath your groin and lift your legs up. Hold with long deep breathing. Relax in the posture and visualize the color YELLOW in your body, up to 10 minutes.