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March 2, 2018 -  Virgo - the fire of transformation…

The next full moon on Friday 2 March is the small intestine meridian.  This meridian is about separating the pure from the impure on the physical, mental and emotional level. 

Connected to the element fire, the small intestines are about the fire of transformation.  The digestive fire changes food into blood. The fire of the heart is for spiritual endurance, like the Olympic flame. When we see the ‘fire’ in someone’s eyes, it tells us that person is living from their heart. The fire helps one develop a personal life view based on what is pure.

Key is to simplify.  Keep life and especially diet simple and pure. 


Imbalance symptoms:

  • Problems digesting food. 
  • Confusion about what is pure and what is not pure.
  • Ear problems

Things to avoid/reduce: 

  • An overly critical attitude
  • Too much self-analysis


  • Hold and massage little finger of each hand for 2 minutes. 
  • Wear red clothes and stones.

Things to eat:

  • Food with a bitter taste; turmeric, basil, red grapefruit, quinoa, green tea, dark chocolate, rucola.
  • Eat red foods. 
  • Psyllium and chlorophyll daily helps keep intestines clear and functioning.

Yoga for the small intestine:

  • All postures that work on the third chakra, the navel point, like stretch pose and Sat Kriya.
  • Yoga Mudra: hands in venus lock behind back, stretch the arms up maximum
  • Shoulder stand. Long deep breath or Breath of Fire.