Radiant Child - 2019

Germany / Netherlands

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Angel drawn by an Inner Child

Angel drawn by an Inner Child

Playful, creative, expressive, and challenging make up the foundation for this wonderful course in learning to teach yoga to children of all ages. Experiencing your childlike innocence, wonder and curiosity are key points in healing your inner child. This connection to your inner (radiant) child, gives you the skill, patience, understanding, trust and joy to effectively teach children. When children learn yoga, it becomes a part of them for the whole life.

Dates 2018/2019  -

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Both training dates are required to complete the Radiant Child Teacher Training. Each 4 day block begins at 13.00 on Thursday and ends at 12.00 on Sunday.


Amar Dharam Kaur


+49 171 99 458 69

Some of the extra special delicious and beautiful and fun food we eat during the training.